Installation of the module must be done with "root" access to the server. The install is done with a single command through the command prompt "Shell" for the installation to begin. No further intervention will be required from you once the installation process is started. After the installation the module will activate itself and a temporary license will be automatically assigned if you have not purchased one beforehand.

Here is the command to start the installation:

curl -d "data=install" -o ai-nc-install && sh ai-nc-install stable

It is possible during installation to specify a branch other than "Stable". Here are the different branches available:

  • stable : stable version that can be used on production servers.
  • current : version that is being updated more frequently and that will include new features. The changes made in the "current" branch will eventually be transferred to the "stable" branch once they are judged to be stable.
  • edge : Edge version allows you to receive the latest changes. This version however presents some risks since the additions have only been tested in our development environment and can still have some instabilities. This version is useful if you want to try the latest features for your development / design server.

Installing the module will install some plug-ins and change some of the current server settings.