Possible configuration in the WHM interface

The module can be activated only for some users and disabled for others. When the module is deactivated for a user, the user will not see the options of the website accelerator in his cPanel control panel and the files inside the “.wsa” folder of the hosting will not be taken into account. However, even…
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Information sent to our servers

During the installation of this module, some information will be collected for technical assistance, statistics and verification of misuse. We promise never to distribute or resell the retrieved information. Here is in detail the information retrieved by the module: The primary IP address. The version of the module. The distribution of the module. The version…
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This module requires a valid license to be used. The license validated on a regular basis with our license servers. If an error occurs during the communication or if the license is no longer valid, the module will disable itself until it manages to regain the communicate with our validation servers or if the license…
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Before installing the module, please check that the hoisting server meets these minimum requirements before proceeding with the installation. Otherwise, the website acceleration module may not install or work as expected. Currently the module only works in hosting servers using a cPanel / WHM control panel. Others control panels will follow later. CentOS 6 or…
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The Website Accelerator module (WSA) is a module allowing the use of Nginx web server as a proxy in front of an Apache web server. The module takes full advantage of Nginx’s caching capabilities and make them available in an easy-to-use graphical environment. One of the key elements is its ease of use inside a…
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