WHM Interface

Nginx Configuration

Nginx configuration Within this menu you may change different aspects of the Nginx configuration, including rate limiting. Global Nginx options: Worker connections: Sets the maximum number of simultaneous connections that can be opened by a worker process. Official documentation. Client Body Timeout: Defines a timeout for reading client request body. The timeout is set only…
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Update module

This option allows you to manually update the module if available. By default, automatic updates are enabled, this option is mainly useful when automatic updates have been disabled.

Enable & Disable module

With a single click, you can enable or disable the module. This will close the existing connections of Nginx in order to change the listening ports of Apache and Nginx. Those changes can take up to 30 seconds to complete. Please do not leave the page during this process. During the transition between Apache and…
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Restart Nginx

Proceed to a complete restart of the Nginx server. May be useful if for some unknown reason the Nginx service was unstable.

Rebuild Nginx configuration

Allows you to rebuild all Nginx configuration files. This option will be useful when changing Nginx’s basic settings. It can also be used in case of problems with Nginx to update all configuration files for each site. However, this last part should not require manual work since the module recognizes when there is a configuration…
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Clear the Nginx cache

This option will empty all files in the Nginx cache directory while keeping the folder hierarchy present. The operation is much faster than clearing a single site or user, because it is not necessary to search the files in cache.

Nginx Cache Configuration

Nginx’s global settings allow you to change the default values ​​used by the module on each site. So be very careful when editing, a bad modification could cause damage to some sites like session sharing on online shops. The module will assign different priorities if multiple values are available for the same site. It is…
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The WHM interface allows the server administrator to quickly check the status of the server and change several settings of the module. When entering the WHM interface of the module, we immediately have two status block at the top of the page indicating if the module is currently enabled and if the Nginx server is…
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Module settings

In the “Module Configuration” menu you can access setting that will change the behavior of the module itself. Auto Update: Allows you to enable or disable the automatic update of the module. Dynamic Cache Size: Allows you to define the available disk space for dynamic file cache (static HTML page or compile from PHP code)….
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