In order to uninstall the module, simply connect to the server terminal with “root” access, go to the directory “/etc/wsa” and run the “”. Once the module is completely uninstalled, no trace of the installation should be left on the server. During installation, the module takes note of the changes made and the modules it…
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Modules and modifications

Installing mod_remoteip This application is used to keep the visitor real IP when using Nginx as a proxy in front of Apache. Without this module, it would not be possible to use Nginx as a proxy server and have so viable statistics. The installer will install the cPanel RPM “ea-apache24-mod_remoteip” if it detects that the…
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Installation of the module must be done with “root” access to the server. The install is done with a single command through the command prompt “Shell” for the installation to begin. No further intervention will be required from you once the installation process is started. After the installation the module will activate itself and a…
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