Modules and modifications

Installing mod_remoteip

This application is used to keep the visitor real IP when using Nginx as a proxy in front of Apache. Without this module, it would not be possible to use Nginx as a proxy server and have so viable statistics.

The installer will install the cPanel RPM "ea-apache24-mod_remoteip" if it detects that the module was not already installed.

Installing Nginx

Nginx plays the role of proxy between the users and the Apache server. Its main role is to keep a version of the requested resource (page, CSS, image, etc.) in cache in order to significantly increase the loading speed of web pages. Nginx is the heart of our module. It will be registered in cPanel as a service, therefore, if the service stop working, it will be restarted automatically will notify the server administrator.

The module will install Nginx version 1.16 directly from the official Nginx "repo", not from the EPEL "repo" of CentOs.

When installing Nginx, the module will use the OpenSSL library to create a "Diffie-Hellman" exchange key that is required for secure connections.

CPanel \ WHM Management Module

cPanel \ WHM module aims to provide a graphical interface to help the user to modify the various settings and activate the cache in a simple and intuitive way. Two interfaces are available, one for cache activation in the cPanel control panel and the other for configuration management in WHM.

Changing server settings

Adding service in cPanel TailWatch

The Nginx service is added to the cPanel TailWatch to ensure that it is always functional and rebooted automatically as needed.

Update ConfigServer Firewall settings

If the ConfigServer Firewall extension is installed, the module will add an instruction to the "csf.pignore" file to avoid creating false alarms. It will also add the Nginx log files to those available in the ConfigServer Firewall GUI for watch and search.

New CRON jobs

Recurring tasks (cron) will be added to the server for two tasks. Make sure that no changes of a website configuration (at Apache level, such as a new SSL, subdomain, etc.) go unnoticed in the event of a "WSAD" service failure and speed up purges of cached files when needed.

New entry in LogRotate

An entry will be created to rotate module logs so that the maximum size of log files does not exceed 100 MB.

Modifying Apache listening ports

The Apache listening ports will be changed from 80 to 8080 and from 443 to 8443 in the cPanel configuration. Nginx will use ports 80 and 443

Changing the format of Apache log entries

The format of Apache log entries will be changed to reflect the actual IP and not the proxy IP.

WSAD Service

The module will install a service in the server to check for possible site configuration changes and purge the cache.