Advanced options and features

Manual Modification of the NGINX Configuration

Since version 1.0.10, it is now possible to add custom configuration into the Nginx configuration. In previous version, all modification made to the NGINX configuration file were erased by the module. Two files can be modified in the server: The “pre_virtual_host.conf” will be loaded just before including all the hosted site virtual host into NGINX…
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Command Line Interface

Several features of the module are available on the command line. They must be executed with the following form: /etc/wsa/./wsa –-parameter=value The available commands are: help Displays all the commands that can be executed. /etc/wsa/./wsa –help check-wsad Ensures that the WSAD service is functional, if the service is no longer functional for a particular reason,…
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The module is currently available in French and English. In the cPanel control panel, the displayed language will be according to the language selected by the user. If this is not set, English will be selected by default. However, it is possible to translate the module yourself in another language. To do this, you can…
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