Website Accelerator


The Website Accelerator module (WSA) is a module allowing the use of a Nginx server as a proxy server in front of an Apache.

The module takes advantage of Nginx's caching capabilities to make them available in an easy-to-use graphical environment for all.

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Installation of the module must be done with "root" access to the server. You will need to run a single command through the command prompt "Shell" and the installation will be done on its own. No further intervention will be required from you when the installation process is started. …

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WHM Interface

The module can be activated for some users and disabled for others. When the module is deactivated for a user, the user will not see the options of the website accelerator in his cPanel control panel and the files inside the ".wsa" folder of the hosting will not be taken into account.

However, even if the user will not be able to configure the site accelerator …

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cPanel Interface

The module inside cPanel allows the user to easily modify the settings available for their site. If the option is not available inside your control panel, you must contact your server administrator to activate it.

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