cPanel module

The cPanel module allows the user to easily modify the settings available for their site. If the option is not available inside your control panel, you must contact your server administrator to activate it.

Empty the account cache

The "Clear cache" option in the cPanel "Website Accelerator" module allows you to clear the cache for all the user domains. Please note that removing the cache can take up to 60 seconds.

Cache Status

The current caching status of caching is always visible in the upper right corner of the module page. The box also displays the mode currently used for cache configuration.

Optimizing a website

The module provides two ways to adjust the caching settings; simple or advanced mode. It is possible to change the mode by using the "Switch to ..." link available under the clear cache button.

The simple mode is perfect for quickly setting website acceleration settings without having in depth knowledge on how the website was built. This mode will help a user define different caching option based on the frequency of the website updates.

The advanced mode will allow advance user to tweak the performance of the acceleration module so that each site and sub domain in the user account benefit from the best possible acceleration.

Enabling compression

When website compression is enabled, the server will compress all dynamic files before feeding the page to a site visitor. This option reduces the loading time of a page but increase the demand on the server's processor.